3D printing; Can they also print morality?



USD93.39 was the cheapest 3D printer I could find online.

The immersion of 3D printers are rapid and it won’t take long until they become a one in a house, one for each person device, just like how computers became so.

The following site introduces 7 benifitial ways in using 3D printing.

<7 Ways 3D Printing Is Already Disrupting Global Manufacturing>


3D printing is dramatic to small companies or individuals to manufature small products in very few portions without relying on factories which usually respond only to multiple quantities. I think 3D printers are most useful to startup companies.

Another site explains how they can be useful in developing countries.

<3D printing Technology for Economic Revolution in the Developing World>


Once I heard the consept of 3D printers in developing countries, I thought how would they deal with electricity? But this site indicates solar powered 3D printers are now being formed.

Already e-commerce /jewerly companies such as Iconery work with 3D printing.

Fine Jewelry Site Iconery Launches with Daryl K., Wren

Although, as technology has always evolved together with the military, there is also a concequence for 3D printers.

Homemade 3D printed guns are becoming a new threat!


As of this current situation, I think 3D printers will become licenced in a very close future. Until then, we should think the best usage of this technology as well as personally 3D printing your moral against misusage of it.

I personally think this technology is wonderful, cost cutting, and very useful for the on-going customization trend. 3D printing provides us free choice of making what we imagine. It will be very soon that this technology will be as easy to handle as making homemade original cookies.


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